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Welcome to the Non-essential Art Gallery!

a moving art piece for covid times

The Non-essential Art Gallery is a public art piece created by Ojai, CA artist Eric Dubnicka as a way to highlight the loss of the arts experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. While it's necessary to stay-at-home and shelter until the storm passes, we are all suffering the loss of tactile, non-digital connectivity which is so vital to making us feel human.

Examining all possibilities to exhibit artwork in these strange days of “essential” outings, Eric was determined to make a statement and create a reminder that visual art and artists still exist, are essential and will thrive once again. The Non-essential Art Gallery will be displayed during essential excursions made by the artist, or upon appointment. Ultimately its a light-hearted attempt to bring visual art into the world in the most safe and legal manner possible in these unusual times.


car gallery in profile(small).jpg
car with gallery 1(small)(square).jpg

The mini-exhibition currently in the Non-Essential Art Gallery is The Audacity of Love a selection of two artworks by the creator of the gallery, Eric Dubnicka. These and more can be found at

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